We are at a historic inflection point for humanity—the ending of centuries of expansion and the beginning of an inevitable period of contraction that will continue until humanity is once again living within the limits of Earth’s regenerative capabilities.

– Alvar Ásbjörn (2032)


It has been nearly two centuries since those famous words were uttered before the United Nations’ forum on Global Sustainability. Ásbjörn’s “inevitable period of contraction” did, eventually, come to pass. More quickly than some had predicted, definitely more quickly than most had hoped. Those were sad, painful, days for mankind. Only in the last decade or so, with a vastly diminished presence on Earth, has humanity found balance. What will come of this balance, only time will tell.

– Inna Lebedev (2218)

The Riddance Role Playing Game is a dark, gritty, near-future, semi-apocalyptic, semi-cyberpunk, setting in which humanity–after nearly a century of decline–has begun to re-establish itself as a power–for good or bad–on Earth; and the game mechanics to support it: The Archetype System.

Both the Riddance Role Playing Game and the Archetype System are early in development. However, rather than wait to post a complete setting and system, I will post portions of chapters and continue to expand on–and edit–them here on this site. In addition to the posts linked to below, a number of posts dedicated to my methodology and influences will posted here with the tag “Thoughts Behind”.

Index of Riddance Posts

  1. System Basics
  2. Traits, Qualities, and Talents
  3. The Character Archetype
  4. Character Creation
  5. Glossary