The Character Achetype

The character Archetype allows a player to quickly define a complex character idea that is rooted in the game’s setting and has a direct influence on the game’s mechanic while preserving enough flexibility to not hinder creativity. The character Archetype is a simple sentence with a rigid structure: Attribute + Affiliation + Title + Location. Each of these components of the character Archetype is provided with a number of options to choose.


The Archetype Attribute is simply an adjective that describes some dominant aspect of the character. The Riddance Roleplaying Game provides the following nine Attribute options. Each option modifies one of a character’s Traits or Qualities, as well as providing additional Perks.

  • Strapping (Might +1)
  • Rugged (Vigor +1)
  • Quick (Celerity +1)
  • Clever (Insight +1)
  • Smart (Reason +1)
  • Charming (Personality +1)
  • Hardy (Health +2)
  • Graceful (Reflexes +2)
  • Steadfast (Resolve +2)

The Archetype Affiliation is a broad societal group that a character belongs to, or is associated with. The Affiliations are purposely kept broad to allow a player to develop her own details during character creation. The Riddance Roleplaying Game Provides the following Affiliation options. Each option provides bonuses to a few Traits, as well as providing additional Perks.

  • Freelance
  • Veteran
  • Rogue
  • Corporate
  • State
  • Nomad

The Archetype Title.

  • Agent
  • Operator
  • Asset

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