Advantage is a positive situational modifier to a Two-of-Two roll in which the higher of the two negative bonus six-sided dice is ignored.


a character Archetype is a simple sentence with a rigid structure: Attribute + Affiliation + Title+ Location. Each of these components of the character Archetype is provided with a number of options to choose from that can be customized for any setting or mood imaginable.

Damage Pool

Disadvantage is a negative situational modifier to a Two-of-Two roll in which the lower of the two positive bonus six-sided duce is ignored.


a Trait or Talent that has a bonus of zero. A Trait can be insignificant, but this should be rare. Insignificant Talents are far more common.

Passive Defense

a derived value that is the sum of two (2) Traits. There are three (3) major Qualities (Health, Reflex, and Resolve) that are used both as a passive defenses and as an abstract representation of a character’s health, both physical and mental. In addition to these three (3) major Qualities, there are a number of minor Qualities used for other passive checks.


a positive bonus on either a Trait or Talent. Strengths are the most common means of defining a character.


a numerical representation of a character’s learned physical or mental aptitude in a particular activity, depending on the Talent in question. There are a good number of Talents than can be used to define a character.


a numerical representation of a character’s natural physical or metal aptitude, depending on the Trait in question. There are six Traits used to define a character’s various natural aptitudes: Might, Vigor, Celerity, Insight, Reason, and Personality. Each of these Traits can either be a Strength or Weakness.


in the name given to the two sets of two six-sided dice mechanic used for all resolution rolls in the Archetype System.


a Talent that does not default to zero (0), but instead has a default bonus of negative five (-5). Once a character development point is spent on the Talent, its bonus increases to positive one (+1) and progression from that point forward is normal.


a negative bonus on either a Trait or Talent. Occasionally a character may perform poorly enough at a talent to warrant a Weakness, but these should be rate. Weaknesses in Traits are best reserved for non-player characters and creatures.