Traits, Qualities, and Talents

Each character is constructed by assigning a point value ranging from negative two (-2) to positive five (5) for each of six Traits and a number of selected Talents. Negative point values are Weaknesses, while positive point values are Strengths. Weaknesses, though useful for defining a character, should be used sparingly. Traits represent the general health and aptitude of the character […]


Advantage Advantage is a positive situational modifier to a Two-of-Two roll in which the higher of the two negative bonus six-sided dice is ignored. Archetype a character Archetype is a simple sentence with a rigid structure: Attribute + Affiliation + Title+ Location. Each of these components of the character Archetype is provided with a number […]

System Basics

The Archetype System is built around two fundamental concepts: the Two-of-Two mechanic for all challenge, contest, and conflict resolutions; and the character Archetype that encapsulates the essence of a character in one sentence. The combination of these two concepts creates a rather robust and flexible gaming system that is both deep in possibilities and quick […]