The World of Wyldermere

This small corner of the Dynan has had a turbulent past and is rife with conflict today. In addition to the constant bickering between the Young Nations, their expansion north and west into untamed regions of Errenun has come to an end as both the Pixx and Wolgren begin to forcibly reclaim the lands they lost. A major war is brewing and adventuresome souls are in high demand as national leaders scramble to prepare for the inevitable.

One must have a solid grasp of the geography and climate of the regions that make up this part of the world in order to better understand the folk who call Eastern Errenun home. What follows is a brief overview of the known world–the Dynan, Eastern Errenun, its climate and seasons, and the regions that make up the World of Wyldermere.

The Dynan

The world, known by the folk of Eastern Errenun as The Dynan, is vast and largely unexplored. Beyond the borders of the Young Nations little has been seen of the Errenun continent. The Aesienn and Uldienn herald from what they claim to be a giant empire far to the south known as Aesinia. However, few northmen have ever journeyed so far and returned. Aesienn also claim there are small nations of man far to the west, but even they know little of them and stay mostly to the eastern and southern shores of the Surrinan and Errenun continents.


The few Aesinian traders who risk the nearly two month passage along the Errenun eastern coast from Aesinia and the port tows of southern Uldierr tell tales of largely uninhabited coasts cluttered with small, and treacherous, islands and reefs. If they know more, they do not speak of it to many.

Of the Aesinian Empire they speak plenty.

Nestled along the southern coasts of Surrinan, the Aesinian Empire is made up of dozens of free cities founded by almost as many nomadic tribes that migrated from the arid plateaus in the north to the rocky and cliff-ridden shores of the Sarnan Sea and the Sirri Straits. The empire is ruled over by a High Sharif from the great and holy city of Farris Dyn, but each free city enjoys the freedom to select its leaders and practice its own customs and traditions. Though northmen would not consider the Aesienn to be religious, as they have no true gods, Aesienn do pay respect twice daily to the all-powerful Father Sun and his mistress Maiden Fate: once at dawn and once at dusk.

South of Aesinia lie the barren plateaus of Sarnan, the ancient home to the Uldierr. Today, it is little more than a sun-baked hell for those unfortunate enough to be exiled here. To its north—beyond the arid plateaus of the Haunted Lands—are the Karduk Mountains beyond which lies a dry sea of endless and wild grassland as far as the shores of the inland Errenus Sea.

The land just north of the Errenus Sea, known by the few that are aware it exists as Central Errenun, is believed to be the birth place of the now long lost Errenaen bloodline. What the learned can gleam from the few remaining texts that tell tales from this lost era is that drought and famine forced the ancient Errenaen to migrate east and north, ultimately settling along the eastern shores of Errenun. Later, these tribes would be bound together by the man-god and the Errenyth Empire would be founded in the blood of all who defied his rule.

Today, Central Errenun is covered by an unnamed, yet vast, forest of ancient oaks inhabited by the primal Wolgren. North of these wolds lies a land of narrow lakes, rocky fiords, and the inhospitable Barrens beyond.

To the west is the continent of Kull. Discovered by the Aesinians only a handful of years past, it remains largely untouched by the civilized cultures of the east. Little more than its southern-most coasts have been explored by the Aesienn thanks to a less than friendly native culture they believe to be closely related to the Pixx of Eastern Errenun.

Eastern Errenun

Though this guide briefly describes the larger world of The Dynan—mostly for context, the Wyldermere Setting focuses on only a small corner of its largest continent: Eastern Errenun. Bound to the north by the harsh Barrens and Brumal Bay, to the south and east by the unpredictable and often rough Shimmering Sea, and to the west by the shallow Black Sea and unimaginably high White Cloud Mountains, Eastern Errenun is home to the remnants of the long lost, mostly forgotten, yet dreadfully feared Errenyth Empire; now known—by the simple folk who live here—as the Young Nnations.

The oldest of these, so old in fact that many don’t consider it one of the young nations, is Ithus. Founded shortly after The Binding—some nine hundred years ago—by a surviving group of devoted followers of the Earth Father, Ithus is governed today by the League of the Enlightened: a holy order dedicated to the service of Dynan. Though the smallest, and least populated, of the young nations, Ithus enjoys significant influence over both Urdania and Ordun as the leaders of both nations having sworn to the Tenets of Dynan.

The largest of the young nations, Urdania, was founded some three hundred years ago by the Dunthain: a mountain of a man with a will of iron who wrestled control of the Wylder River Valley from a dozen smaller family holdings. Then, Urdania was a fraction of the size it is today. Now, her highship Gwendelan of the house Dedwain rules over all of the Wylder River Valley, the Silver Lakes, and much of Braxus Bay.

Ordun is less of a nation and more of an organized hierarchy of insular kinships and those they are sworn to protect. Each of these groups, loosely held together via family ties, is fairly autonomous within the structure of Ordun and tend to quibble and fight amongst themselves over territory and resources. Seasonally, the patriarchs of each Kinship meet to resolve disputes and plan whatever national efforts Ordun is willing to undertake. Though the  histories of these kinships are mostly oral, and often heavily embellished with spiritually inspired imagery and exaggerated acts of heroism, it is generally accepted that the Ordun, having originally called the Barrens home, migrated to eastern most tip of Eastern Errenun by island hopping south along the islands and reefs known today as the shoals.

The youngest nation, Uldierr,

Long before any of the young nations had grown to the sizes they are today (well perhaps with the exception of Ithus) Eastern Errenun was the domain of three primal cultures: the Dworr, the Pixx, and the Wolgren. Little is known of the Dworr culture or its governing structure and far less in understood of the Pixx and Wolgren. The Dworr, though in a limited fashion and much secrecy, do trade the precious stones, metals, and even blackfire they mine for timber, livestock, and grain from the Young Nations. The Pixx and Wolgren, as far as the men of the Young Nations are concerned, are unfriendly creatures of the wild with little more importance than a wild boar, or a deepwold bear.

These unimportant wild creatures, however, have become the second greatest threat to the Young Nations. They no longer retreat deeper into the wolds and the White Cloud Mountains as civilized man expands further and further into their domain. They have begun to fight back. The Pixx have successfully pushed the Uldienn out of the western half of the Lorrien Peninsula and are beginning to skirmish with the western frontiers of Urdania. The Wolgren have reclaimed the Hollow Hills and much of the northern wolds, and in doing so have forced Orran south behind the Shield Wall and cut Urdania’s northern frontier off from the greater nation to the south.

So, what is the greatest threat to the young nations, you might ask? Simple: the environment.

Climate and Seasons

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Geographic Regions

Eastern Errenun is divided into a number of geographic regions, each with its own character, distinct terrain, and micro-climates.

Braxus Bay

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Brumal Bay

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Grove Coast

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Lorrien Peninsula

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Ithus Isle

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The Shoals

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Silver Lakes

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Wylder River Valley

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