Known Nations of the Dynan

This is the Chapter Opener This is some text. Aesinia Population: unknown This is a test. Hirren Kragg Population: 13,600 (13,200 Dworr, 400 Other Bloodlines) This is a test Ithus Population: xx,xxx (xxx xx) This is a test. Ithus at a Glance is a much more detailed overview of the New Nation of Ithus. Ordun Population: […]

Los Brazos Residence

A modest retreat in the heart of the Shenandoah, this home was designed to nestle comfortably into the sloping site in order to protect it from strong winds. The home also takes advantage of early-morning and mid-day sunlight: which is both beautiful and an Integral part of the home’s passive solar heating and day lighting.

The March of Time

The past is always muddied and unclear, but for those few who truly understand its secrets, there is much power to be had. However, do not get lost in the events long past, it is the here and now that matters most to those who wish to be remembered. The history of the Dynan is […]

The World of Wyldermere

This small corner of the Dynan has had a turbulent past and is rife with conflict today. In addition to the constant bickering between the Young Nations, their expansion north and west into untamed regions of Errenun has come to an end as both the Pixx and Wolgren begin to forcibly reclaim the lands they lost. […]